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Dr. Tan Kok Beng is a life-long Church Planter and Missionary to the Nations. He has planted churches in several Asian nations and in Australia, and has helped plant churches in many African nations as well. An anointed teacher with powerful messages from the Lord, Dr. Tan is Senior Pastor of Mennonite Church in Singapore. He also leads the Asia-Pacific Mission, Ltd. in Singapore which runs Bethany International University in Singapore, and many programs around the world. Asia-Pacific Missions, Ltd. also is associted with Church Planting in China through their Chinese ministries.

Olive Rajesh, Ph.D. is Senior Lecturer in the Department of English, School of Sciences and Humanities, Karunya University, Coimbatore 641 114, Tamilnadu, India. She studies and teaches literature from a Christian perspective, and is an active presenter of the Gospel.

Stan Schmidt is a graduate of Bethany College of Missions in Minneapolis, MN USA. He is actively involved in teaching, prayer, worship and support for missions around the world. He is a creative poet of Christian Literature, and has published several volumes of poetry such as Solitary Poet. He also writes devotionals with deeper meaning and encouragement. Stan is an excellent theologian whose articles and books are wholly based on the Bible. He also specializes in apologetics.

Steven Wakeman is a graduate of Bethany College of Missions, Minneapolis, MN USA. Steven and his wife Kristina with their baby Hannah are planning on a missionary career as Bible Translators. Presently Steven is completing his M.Div. degree at Columbia International University, SC USA. Steven has proved himself to be an insightful scholar in various fields including theology, apologetics, cross-cultural communication and linguistics. With excellent editorial skills and sound understanding of the Bible, Steven is an asset everywhere.

Sudhir Isaiah, Ph.D. is a leading missiologist and trainer of missionary trainers. With many years of pastoral ministry that touches the heart and soul of thousands, Dr. Isaiah is also the President of Bethany International University, in Singapore. An anointed powerful speaker, his focus is on training the trainers of missionaries around the world and on establishing missionary training centers. Currently under his leadership, centers operate in many nations including Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, India, and several nations in Africa. Sudhir Isaiah continuously writes articles on contextualization, hearing the voice of our Master, faith living and related subjects. He is greatly interested in developing suitable Christian literature around the world that would touch the lives of the readers and transform them. Dr. Isaiah serves also on the Pastoral Team of Grace Methodist Church in Singapore.

Sundar Singh, Ph.D. is Professor and Head, Department of English, Karunya University, Coimbatore 641 114, Tamilnadu, India. With many years of evangelism among students and teachers, Dr. Sundar Singh also conducts College and High School teachers' fellowship meetings to strengthen them in their approach to the teaching of various subjects from a biblical perspective. He is a scholar in Indian Writing in English, and in designing and conducting courses in Spoken and Written English, Business Communication, and Technical Writing for the students from developing nations. He has begun a movement to encourage college professors to develop Christian literature in Indian languages including English that would help reach the ever-growing college student population in India. His plans include conducting seminars and conferences on Christian literature relevant to South Asia.

Swarna Thirumalai, M.A. has taught English to thousands of students in India, with the touch of biblical stories and interpretation of poetic messsages, metaphors, aphorisms, proverbs, etc. as means to give the message of Hope and Love to students and teachers. She is heavily involved in rural evangelism in India, teaching seminars on marriage and family, Deliverance, and Christian living. She has translated and published several Kannada and Tamil stories into English. She has also recorded and published a CD with praise and worship songs in Tamil. She is actively involved in missionary training through teaching classes in Bethany International University in Singapore. She has also written training materials on Buddhism and Hinduism for international missionaries. Swarna edits courses on Christian themes.

Vasanthi Isaiah, M.A., B.Ed. is a leading Christian educationist, specializing in teaching courses on Hearing the Voice of God, Deliverance, Counseling, Methods of Evangelism among the Nations, etc. She serves as the Registrar of Bethany International University, which receives experienced Christian workers for training as missionary trainers from around the world. She has traveled widely around the world to preach the Gospel of Good News and to train pastors, missionary workers, and writers of Christian literature materials. She has also written extensively on the above subjects. Her office is always full of people seeking her prayers and counsel on various aspects of Christian living and their own problems. She is at home with English, Telugu and Hindi preaching and teaching. She devotes a lot of her time to minister to individuals and groups, while also focusing on the ministry to the poor and needy. Mrs. Vasanthi Isaiah serves also on the Pastoral Team of Grace Methodist Church in

M. S. Thirumalai, Ph.D. is primarily a student of linguistics and adjacent sciences. Drawn to Christ from his original Hindu background, he focuses on reading, understanding and following the Word of God, and on issues related to evangelism among various social groups with different religious backgrounds. He is presently an adjunct faculty member with Bethany International University, in Singapore. He serves as the Managing Editor of Christian Literature and Living

Kindly send your articles, reports, books, and other materials for publication in Christian Literature and Living as attachment to your e-mail to the Managing Editor, M. S. Thirumalai


Board of Editors

Dr. Tan Kok Beng

Olive Rajesh, Ph.D.

Stan Schmidt

Steven Wakeman

Sudhir Isaiah, Ph.D.

Sundar Singh, Ph.D.

Swarna Thirumalai, M.A.

Vasanthi Isaiah, M.A., B.Ed.

M. S. Thirumalai, Ph.D., Managing Editor

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