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1 : 4 February 2002




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  • Angels Helping the Suburb?
    Roger Elwood's Where Angels Dare.

    A Supernatural thriller in which issues relating to gambling as a demonic bondage are vividly portrayed. After he lost everything in gambling, Swift Lightning shot his wife and two children as they entered his trailer, and then killed himself too...
  • "I Will Make My Words Known to You" - Carol Johnson's Ministry. Mike Leeming has a conversation with a reputed Senior Editor of Christian fiction. Views expressed range from the books that delight Carol's heart to how you can become a successful writer. An insightful story about a very successful leader in modern Christian fiction editing and publishing.
  • Love that is Unshaken - Francine Rivers' Ruth. One of the most beautiful stories in all literature is the story of Ruth. How could anyone make it more beautiful than it is already? Would anyone dare to even narrate it again hoping to succeed in her attempt to bring out at least the original effect? Would anyone be willing to risk one's reputation by trying to re-tell a great story that has been re-told a thousand times? Francine takes the risk and reaches greater heights in this beautifully written novella.
  • The Prophet's Hope: What Does Frank Peretti's John Tell Us?. "When reading this book and after, his visions have always stayed in my mind, ... The character in the book, John, always heard the cries, shrieks, and wails of people, calling out for help, all assailing him. He saw and heard things that most people don't see or hear or even think about many times. He heard the cries of people that were hopelessly lost and deceived, people who were so lost, that they didn't even know they were lost." An insightful analysis of Peretti's novel The Prophet by Cheryl Kline, a young missionary candidate.
  • A Gospel of Peace Sooner or later most of us observe in life what is abundantly clear in the Bible: The greatest problem confronting humanity is sin. Sounds too simple, but it's true. Sounds naive, but it's essential. We've said it many times, but more needs to be said. George Foster, an active senior missionary, discusses how the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings peace to all of us. The focus is on the transforming ministry of Jesus, a cornerstone of all Christian literature.
  • God Did Something and Original - A challenge to Creative Writers God Did Something Original ... and different when He created man. The challenge before the Christian creative writer is to reflect this original act and focus on the redeeming ministry of Jesus Christ, says Pastor Harold Brokke. Man's soul is distinct in that it combines the spiritual and physical in one person. Man was made to reflect the image of God in the material world.


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