Was blind, but now I see.

1 : 3 January 2002



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  • Potter's Field of the Amish Community, on D. J. Delff's The Judas Tree. Questions Regarding the Validity of Christian Detective Fiction. Will Father Grif inaugurate a new direction? Real Christian detective fiction beyond clean language and no graphic description of violence?
  • Antioch and Antichrist. Frank Peretti's The Visitation There is still hope. A Burned Out Pastor Leads the People Amidst Confusion and Deceit. Mike Leeming makes an insightful analysis of Peretti and his writing. This novel raises important questions relating to Christian communities around the world.
  • How to Become Friends With God? On Leith Anderson's "how-to devotional" Becoming Friends With God. "With knowledge and faith comes an acquaintance with God. With better acquaintance, the responsibilities arrive."
  • Light of the World. An Original Screenplay by W. G. Orr, offered in Christian Literature Today. Jesus heals a man born blind (John 9). The play is set in a modern city in the United States, in modern idiom, but with everlasting faith.
  • Peace Through Religion? Peace! Peace! They Say When There Is No Peace! A life-long missionary and missions leader, George Foster speaks from his heart: Do our religions make us better? We are religious, but not righteous! How religions can fail us? We may ascribe to the tenets of an organized faith, but we tend to adapt that faith to our own liking-whether we actually practice it or not.
  • Hunger or Love? Which One to Focus on? A Dilemma for the Third-World Christian Writer? Problems of the Christian Creative Writer in the Third World Countries are different from those of the Affluent Christian nations. Social Issues or the Love of Christ to be focused upon? On J. Harris' Pasiyaa? Paasamaa?, a collection of interesting short stories in Tamil.
  • Something God Foretold Is Going To Happen. Pastor Harold Brokke discusses how it is important for us to understand that Israel cannot be secure in the Land until it accepts Messiah. Christ alone can confirm and activate every promise in the Scriptures.
  • Superstitions Everywhere! An important note is that superstition has no power outside what our thinking gives it. Superstition as we know it here in America takes seemingly innocent forms such as carrying around a rabbit's foot. Ryan J. Haase declares: We practice superstition out of fear; we obey Christ out of love. Will the believers take hold of their faith and resist superstition?


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