Was blind, but now I see.

1 : 5 March 2002





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Christian Literature Today is a monthly online journal devoted to the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ through literature. We wish to introduce our readers to the best Christian literature in popular language. Christian Literature Today is a cross-cultural journal, focusing on Christian literature written in all the languages of the world. We learn by listening to and reading our brothers and sisters in Christ from all around the world. We believe that any creative writing with literary sensibilities that focuses on the presence and life-changing ministry of Jesus Christ is Christian literature.
  • SOMETHING IS GREATER THAN WONDERS... A Book Of Poems & Free Verses by Pastor Harold Brokke. Listen, everybody! You can keep on seeking for the person who has the answers or the one you can count on, but I've found the One I wanted to find.
  • LOVE COMES SOFTLY, JANETTE OKE'S MESSAGE OF HOPE AND EXPECTATION. The story line is simple, and it could be even a familiar story line. The language and style in which the story is couched is also simple. Then, where does that appeal to millions of readers, who faithfully buy every novel written by Janette Oke, come from? There is none who could answer it with confidence. But Janette Oke herself knows for sure the answer for this modern mystery.
  • TAMAR: SALVATION FOR ALL. Francine Rivers' Canaanite Woman. The word Tamar also meant the date palm fruit, a fruit delicious beyond compare, sustaining the travelers in the desert and in forlorn places, and possessing an interior, a solid nut that is hard to crack. Francine's Tamar is not a reef or grass that is blown away by the wind. She truly is date palm, a delicious fruit beyond comaparison. She exercises her will despite all suffering, humiliation, and suppression.
  • THE RIGHT ROAD: AM I ON IT? by George Foster. Isn't it amazing that at the hour of his sacrificial death on the cross, Jesus could reach out to a repentant sinner with His voice of mercy. It's also amazing that the forgiven thief, in the hour of his death, became fully assured that heaven would be his home - certainly through no worthiness of his own --- a reminder that we can find hope and assurance even in the last hour of our life --- no matter what we have done with our life!
  • TAMMY AND TOMMY: THE ENEMY IS AN IDEA by Mark Owens. Why are people spiritually blind? The enemy is not a procedure... it's an idea....Tammy was a seventeen year old girl who lived in town. Her parents were never married and she had fallen into a bad crowd. She knew she was on a dangerous path, but she didn't feel like she had too many choices in the matter....


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