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3 : 8 August 2004

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    Virtuous people, therefore, have true self-love. It is not a bad thing. It motivates us to seek the best for us. It is the basis and the norm by which we are to love our neighbor (Mark 12:33 and Romans 13:9-10). True self-love encourages us to care about others (Bond, 1996). ... Every vice is a defect in love. As legitimate self-love is included in every virtue, illegitimate self-love is the basis for every vice. This type of self-love is called inordinate self-love. ...
    This book presents a study of eight biblical figures - Abraham, Rebekah, Jacob, Shamgar, David, Elijah and Elisha, Nehemiah and Esther. None of the biblical figures studied here was perfect. All had flaws. But God was able to use each one because they were willing to partner together with Him to accomplish great things. They are our examples. We can learn from them. "All of these people we have mentioned received God's approval because of their faith…" (Hebrews 11:39a). Let us stand on their shoulders and learn what it means to follow God in good times and bad, when things are clear to us and when they are not. May our shoulders one day be broad enough for others to stand on as they pursue God's will for their lives. Please receive this booklet in the spirit in which it is given. Read, learn, and go forth with God!
    Just writing and signing the Declaration of Independence in 1787 did not finish the issue. The enemy attacked and the United States had to defend herself. Just because Romans 6 declares a spiritual truth does not mean temptation and struggle will not occur. There are three key words in this Romans passage. If we apply the truth they represent to our lives we can experience a spiritual freedom that will free us from the dominion of sin. ... Human nature is still pretty much the same today as it was in biblical times. We justify ourselves, we are defensive-"Hey, what would you do if you had to live with that woman?" "Do you realize what it's like to stay around to hang around with him?" Or, "I just can't help it, it's the way I'm made."
  • EVANGELISM THROUGH THE FIRST LEPROSY CLINIC IN GUINEA-BISSAU - A Leaf from the Notes of Herb and Ruth Billman by ... Ruth Billman
    It started about 50 miles interior from Bissau with two mud huts next to each other, both with straw roofs. One was living quarters for the young doctor, Herb. The other was the clinic building where the patients would be treated. That was the beginning of a life-long bonding between those two men. Francisco, a Muslim, soon became a Christian. He was a faithful, dependable and loyal helper. He could speak several languages so he was invaluable as an interpreter at the clinic. He became a counselor for many and turned many to the Lord!
  • SUCCESS - GOD'S MEASURE OR OUR'S? by ... Nita Steiner
    ... That's God's standard for success - to daily become more like Jesus. In my pursuit of "success," I've discovered a few truths that I would like to share. ... First of all, success is not found in a certain geographical location, a certain job, or a certain person. As I've walked with the Lord, He has taught me that the Christian life is a relationship with God, a person. As I've learned to focus my energies on knowing and loving Him, I've discovered that the external issues of life demand a relatively small amount of my prayer time. They seem to fall into place when He occupies first position in my heart. Concentrate on knowing God as Ruth knew Naomi - until you have such devotion and love for Him that all you want is to follow Him no matter where He leads. All the other details of life are His responsibility. He will reveal His direction for you.
  • LEARN ENGLISH TALKING TO JESUS! - A Review of a Textbook Intended to Teach English by ... Joseph Kemerley
    As Christian ministry worker, I've taught English in Eastern Europe to a good number of students. I sincerely believe that teaching English abroad helps us to give the Good News of Jesus Christ to our students in many ways. However, I am also confronted with the problem of getting materials that teach English effectively and interestingly, while providing me an opportunity to tell my students about Jesus Christ. I always felt that I needed to balance the need to achieve the goals of English teaching class with my personal goal of giving the Gospel in some manner to my class. ... There are seventeen lessons in this book. Each one focuses on a passage from the Gospel of John from the Holy Bible. Each lesson builds on top of each other and focuses on a different aspect of the English language.
    Diane S. Dahlen
    I watched with interest as my fellow worker nonchalantly placed a boiled egg on the microwave oven during our lunch hour one day. He set the timer for just a few seconds, anticipating a very tasty addition to his boring lunch. Moments later, we jumped as the egg splattered all over the inside of the oven with a pop! I can't give a scientific explanation for the phenomenon, but I do know one thing: The pressure in that innocent egg had been too much and the poor thing had exploded! ... Pressure. The pressures of life. Pressures of from a variety of sources: circumstances, disappointments, financial duress, death, rebellious children, sickness.
    The word "sincere" comes from two Latin words. The first is "sine," the second is "cera." It means "to be without wax." There were some Roman sculptors that when they would take their marble and create their sculpture they would take wax and put it in the cracks and present it as one that was perfectly carved. There were other sculptors who wanted to be upright, forthright with their clients and so whenever they would take a piece of marble and create a sculpture, they would say that it was "sine cera," "without wax." When you and I want to walk in obedience with God, when you and I want to enjoy fellowship with God, we must be "sine cera." We must be honest, sincere, with God, others, and ourselves.
  • SO, WHAT WILL YOU LEAVE BEHIND? by ... LeRoy Dugan
    This is a full-length book by LeRoy Dugan, a noted life-long pastor, professor, evangelist, missionary-trainer, and a vocal evangelical theologian. For many years, LeRoy has been reaching young children with the Gospel, through his bewitching magic! ...
    Very early in the morning of April 17, 1999 the phone next to my bed screamed with a persistence which demanded immediate attention. I pushed the button on the speakerphone and heard the voice of my nephew, Ron. It was hushed and heavy with grief....... "Dad has gone to be with the Lord". The news of my brother's sudden death was crushing. He was twenty months younger than myself, and very active, in spite of long-standing back and leg pain. So, I was certain he would outlive me. After all, as the oldest in the family and plagued with heart trouble and diabetes, I was certain I would be the first to die. ... Everything begins with this. If I could leave millions of dollars to my offspring, I would have gifted them with nothing of lasting value. ...

Christian Literature & Living is a monthly online journal devoted to the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ through literature, and through living according to His Word. We wish to introduce our readers to the best Christian literature, Christian devotionals, counseling, and to the understanding of the relevance of the Word of God in our daily life, in popular language. Christian Literature & Living is a cross-cultural journal, focusing on Christian literature written in all the languages, and Christian living around the world. We learn by listening to and reading our brothers and sisters in Christ from all around the world. We believe that any creative writing with literary sensibilities that focuses on the presence and life-changing ministry of Jesus Christ is Christian literature. We believe that we all need the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ in order to live a life according to His Word. Christian literature and other writings anointed by the Holy Spirit help us to develop a personal relationship with Jesus as the Lord and Savior.


The Solitary Poet, poems of reflection by Stan Schmidt

Hadassah, a novel by Tommy Tenney

If I gained the World, a novel by Linda Nichols

Godwrestling Faith, a spiritual development book by Mike Evans

Sharing Your Faith with a Buddhist, a book on evangelism by M. S. Thirumalai

Short Term Missions, a book by Roger Peterson, et al.

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